Ophiucus : Snake Eyes

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Frankly, I’ve been busy. Anyway.

Ophiuchus, or the Serpent Bearer, is a constellation that some astrologers claim should be used in the zodiac of Western astrology. This is, of course, bullshit.
The debate has raged for many years. I first heard of it about 13 years ago, reading a children’s book on basic astronomy. I was ridiculously cool. Anyway, I gave it no real thought at the time, as my interest in astrology was practically non-existent. Today, however, an article was released by the Live Science telling the world that their star signs were wrong, Ophiuchus was now a real star sign and basically a load of annoyance was dumped on the intelligent community of the online world.

Astrology, and I can’t make this clearer, is a farce. Always has been. At least astrology as we know it today. The simple fact is, cosmological events do, actually affect us. Full moons allegedly make people do strange things (I find they give me headaches or hyperactivity, actually), comets have been supposed to alter wine vintages. Most of this, at least in terms of humans, is basic psychology.

Horoscopes as you see them in newspapers are an example of rainbow statements, which you can just Google since I have no intention of giving a psychology lecture. Basically, they’re mostly positive and so general that they must seem true. Your star sign means shag all.

HOWEVER, I like being a Gemini. I will not be a Taurus, and everyone else who would be quite happy ignoring little Ophiucus for another milennia or so is more than welcome to join me.


~ by Xaphriel on January 14, 2011.

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