Wicklow Gaol Ghost Hunt – Debrief

Well. That was a very very very very long time between posts, but it couldn’t really be helped. Anyway.

Wicklow Gaol is considered the most haunted building in Ireland.  Along with 24 other paranormally minded people, including Dr. Ciaran O’Keefe (of Most Haunted) and Steve Parsons, I went off and spent the best part of a night there. To, you know, find some ghosts. This trip as run as part of the 3rd annual Dublin Paranormal Convention (which was awesome, actually). It went… Oddly.

We went out, kitted with sandwiches and torches. I had actually bought a LedLenser P6 earlier that day, spent most of the day semi blinding myself with it. MAN that’s a bright torch. Anyway, after a short coach ride and an even shorter intro talk when we got there, we split into groups of five and into the cells we went.

The most frightening thing about Wicklow Gaol? The wax figures. Scared the living hell out of me when I turned the P6 on and saw someone screaming at me from across the atrium. But once in the cells, stranger things began happening. Garseys, from my earlier posts, was in the group with me, as was my girlfriend (who shall be referred to as Zombie) and two other women. Garseys decided to do a ‘call out’, literally inviting any spirits to come and have a chat with us. There was no response. This sort of thing continued for a while, until we decided to touch the walls and try and feel any residual emotions. Both Garseys and Zombie felt emotion, sadness, regret etc. I got nothing. This sort of thing continued. They’d sense a presence or something, I’d feel nothing. Maybe I’d her a slight noise in the corner, but nothing more. The sensetives had it.

Now, something important about my personality; I don’t like being upstaged. Especially not in this field. So when we were down in the schoolroom (Zombie and Garseys had had to leave, were very uncomfortable), I decided to try another method of contact; direct telepathy.

That didn’t go well. Almost as soon as my telepathy shields were down I felt someone roaring at me. Literally roaring. Like a freaking lion getting castrated. So back up the shield went (fastest I’ve ever done it, maybe 4 seconds). I then adressed the room, mentally, telling them not to shout. I must have been muttering as the women I was with asked was I alright. I assured them I was and tried another approach, one I’d never managed before; aura viewing. So I closed my eyes and tried to look through my third eye. I saw black. And more black. Then some REALLY dark grey. Then yellow. That one stopped me. I saw, through closed eyes, a small yellow form (I call it that for lack of a better word, it didn’t look human at this point) by the wall, across the room to my left. I attempted to reach it telepathically, and got my first ghost of the night.

What I basically got was that it was a pre pubescent boy, who had contracted TB in the Gaol and died.  After a while I also became aware of a second presence, this time green, of a woman who died, or so she believed, because she had looked after the boy and contracted his illness. She seemed resentful.

Now, I’m the first to say this; it was probably my imagination. Tuberculosis was common as Zubat back then, and it was probably in my mind from history background. However, the guide did confirm that a young boy’s ghost has been felt in there. And Zombie and Garseys both felt tightness in their chest, possibly a sympathetic response to the boy’s illness. We just don’t know.

After the event, I decided to teach people I know how to shield. It could come in handy for them. I was probably lucky. I had heavily shielded myself before Paracon because, as I reasoned it, walking into a room with 180 amateur psychics is not something I wanted to do unprotected. I actually felt some pain and pressure in my head over the day, so maybe I was being probed. At least my shield held. But everyone should have this skill. I’ll discuss them at length in my next post.

In the end, it was an experience I’m glad I had. And I would definitely do it again. But I’d go in more prepared next time, to be sure.



~ by Xaphriel on November 15, 2010.

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