Happenings, Past & Present

Tonight I helped paint the basement of the National Leprechaun Museum in Dublin, in preparation for Dublin’s Paranormal Convention in a month and a half. Just your average Thursday.

Anyway, the organiser, who we shall know here as 6th, was telling us (myself and Garseys, Treasurer of DCUPS) all about the history of the building and, inevitably, the supposed ghost sightings over the years. The one that stuck he told us in a dark, dank back room, lit only by Garsey’s iPhone. It told of a female ghost who felt up men on stairways. We had a good laugh. Cougar ghost! So on we went, trading stories and basically having the craic till about 11pm, when myself and Garseys had to go get our respective buses. As we left, I noticed an odd shape in a doorway behind 6th. It looked, essentially, like a female face. As I looked toward it, it (whatever it was) vanished around the corner.

I was already attributing this to my imagination, and 6th’s storytelling, when Garseys mentioned that he felt his attention being drawn toward the doorway. I mentioned what  saw. We pondered for a moment. Then myself and Garseys left 6th alone with the ghost. Maybe he’ll get lucky, he’ll only be leaving as I write this.

The whole thing got me thinking about personal paranormal experiences. Tonight I consider my 4th ‘official’ experience.  So I decided to recap my other experiences here and now.

1- Bean Sidhe (Banshee)

Last February, the night after I returned from a trip to Prague,  I was getting ready for bed when I heard a sharp, drawn out noise outside my window. It sounded almost like a scream. I put it down in my mind as a squealing tyre and settled down to sleep. And hour or so later, the phone rang. My mother came in and asked me did I want to go to the hospital with her, my grandmother was in a ‘critical state’.  She had been sick for a while, though not too seriously, and we were extremely close. Naturally, I threw on clothes and went with my mother. On our arrival, a doctor met us and said we shpold sit down, which was when realisation hit me. My grandmother had, the doctor explained,  died at some point earlier that night and, though exact TOD was unknown, it would have been around the time I heard the odd sound. I remain convinced that I heard the Bean Sidhe that night, warning of her death.

2- Black Dog

Many cultures have the folk tales of large, phantasmal black dogs that act as omens to people. One night,  I was walking home from the pub. As I crossed a road near my house, an unnerving sound distracted me from my iPod. Lowering my headphones, I realised it was a growl. In the garden in front of me, a massive black dog was lying, staring straight at me, snarling menacingly. I backed away and crossed further down the road. His eyes were fixed on me the whole way. As I looked back, a couple that had been a few seconds behind me passed the dog without a glance. This wouldn’t be too unuaual, but the people that live in that house don’t have a dog. I haven’t seen it since. And even if it was a neighbour dog, why was it out on the road at 1am?

3- I don’t even know

This one needs backstory. This was about 2/3 weeks after my grandmother’s death. I had not slept properly for several nights, and was under the effects of a drug. I was in a lecture, a bit zoned out. After 20 minutes or so, my attention was drawn to a figure sitting in a chair beside my lecturer. I assumed it was a guest lecturer or something, but they were never introduced, nor was any indication given that anyone noticed them. Suddenly, they looked at me. I have scarcely ever been terrified, but my emotions were fragile at the time and I was rooted with fear. The figure stood. It was male, about 6 feet tall, dressed entirely in black (suit, jeans, I don’t remember. Just the colour,). They stared at me with eyes I couldn’t see. Then they moved down from the podium, up the room toward me. I cannot explain how them moved, like walking but also like gliding, as if the leg motions had little or nothing to do with the motion. Just under halfway to me, it stopped and smiled slowly. It was a full on tooth smile, showing gleaming white teeth, almost a snarl. The smile petrified me and, against all better judgement, instinct took over and I squeezed my eyes shut. After a moment, I opened them and it was gone.

I still have no idea what I saw that day.

And today makes four. Anyway, that’s my main experiences, make of them what you will. If anyone has any similar stories or observations on mine, please share them through the comment section. I really do want to hear them.


~ by Xaphriel on September 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Happenings, Past & Present”

  1. I can’t say that I’ve had anything as intense as your experiences, but I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve been able to predict things, especially things with numbers. The best example was a few years ago, practicing Karate. The Sensei in charge of the class shouted out (at random) the numbers of the combinations he wanted us to perform. I guessed every one correctly, and there must have been at least twenty of them, perhaps more.

    A less concrete example happened today, when I was taking a cognition test. I was supposed to click when I saw a number, unless it was the number three. I could tell, usually three or four numbers ahead, when the three was coming. Unfortunately it wasn’t as spot-on as the previous example, but it definitely happened.

  2. I’ve had several experiences where I’ve had the feeling that I was being watched. Especially when I was in a cathedral in Italy a few years ago, it seemed as though I was being followed, it was quite unnerving. Mind you, with my SAD, my paranoia is kinda justified.

    But then, I’ve also had some extreme cases of precognition, stuff like people’s phone numbers before they gave them to me, and questions on my LC maths and applied maths papers. Mostly through lucid dreaming, too, without knowing I was lucid dreaming.

    But, then, there was the face in the window in Krakow…cost you a night’s sleep, that did…

    • Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that one. That was freakin’ terrifying… Damn Polish window face ghost thing (that was probably a pile of clothes, in retrospect)

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