Paranormal Postings

I finally got some inspiration for my blog. Took what, something like 8 months. A paranormal blog, charting my own experiences as I systematically break my own mind. By which I mean study.

Also, I moved from Blogger to signify the fresh start.

Methods of doing this will include:

1– Actively increasing my awareness of my subconscious
2– Using said awareness, enhancing the altogether useless abilities I currently possess. See below.
3– Attempting to teach myself other psionic skills (telepathy etc.)
4– Going on ghost hunts and various other wholesome activities with my very own DCU Paranormal Society

5– I wanted to have five points. Sue me.


Funnily enough, a dream. I’ve been lucid dreaming for a while now, a skill that I acquired after about 2 years of actively trying to do it… I’m not a quick study. Anyway, I was wandering in a big ass maze made of what I presume was raw meat, I did a reality check, took control of the dream and, unusually, got on a motorbike and drove through the wall (this is unusual as I usually grow wings, ride a dragon, or otherwise fly).

As I awoke and went to the dream diary I’ve kept the last while, I realised that not a lot of people can do what I just did. And, after some research, I also realised that half the people who can are nutjobs, and not a lot of the remainder can in any way explain what they do. So I figured, ‘Maybe I can do better.’

Now. I have, for many years, enjoyed a minor and rather useless form of random precognition, almost entirely related to television. I would think about a certain episode of the Simpsons, or a great movie I saw years ago, and bring it up in conversation over the day. Just ‘cos. Oftentimes, I’d get a text later that day along the lines of ‘Wow, Starship Troopers is on tonight! Weird’ or ‘ Remember ‘Silent alarm activated!’ It’s on now!!!’. As time progressed, these bacame more like ‘Guess what’s on’ and ‘FFS, you did it again. Freak’ (this was a joke, not an insult/proposal of marriage.)

Anyway, that’s how it began. Recently, I decided to do some exercises to enhance my awareness, and my ability to sense my subconscious (links below). Now a lot of these senses relate to buses. When it’s coming, if it’s early, that kind of thing. An amusing incident on my 21st birthday involved me and my friend walking along a bus route in the opposite direction of the bus, towards the terminus. At one stop, maybe 3 from the beginning, I got a strong urge to stay put. I did, said goodnight to my friend and waited… for 45 seconds, when my bus arrived. That kind of thing happens all the time now. Awesome!

So, essentially, that’s what I’ll be writing about now. The Paranormal and my experiences with it. Expect psionics, ghosts, Tarot and DCU-PS.

Hells yeah.

Psipog – Sensitivity Manual
‘The Small Still Voice Within’


~ by Xaphriel on September 13, 2010.

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